OKAY here's the deal. The @tildeclub bot scrapes for updates once an hour, queues up any updates to /home/*/public_html/index.html it finds, and dribbles out tweety links to them every few minutes until the queue empties. You can opt out of this process by appending yourself to /home/brendn/bin/botify/killfile. If you have some kind of automated workflow set up such that your index is ALWAYS updated more than once an hour, please also do this. You can manually make bot announcements as described below.

The bot also scrapes for updates to /home/*/.bot, for any such files that exist. If it finds one, it'll take your ~name and append as many more characters from that file as it can, then queue that up tweetwards as well. Links, hashtags and @names are all okay (for now). As with all things tildeclub, please do not hack the Gibson.

UPDATE as of 1412608623: the bot now knows how recently it has posted your site and will not do so more than once every twelve sixteen hours. I hope this will help with the queue, which has grown startlingly in accordance with the server population. Also .bot files actually get picked up now, sorry about that.