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My name is Gasconheart. You can email me at gasconheart@sdf.org, gascon@email.dot.org.es, gascony@grex.org or gasconheart@tilde.club. Visit my web site: http://www.gasconheart.dot.org.es. Add me at Discord: gasconheart#1668, or gasconheart#6461. Skype me at ioanagabrielagabriel@gmail.com. WhatsApp me at 0034 617993297.

The web server I host at home is on pretty much 24/7. It resides on a single-board micro-computer. That computer is currently hosting a web server, a NAS server (sshfs), an IRC daemon, a SSH server, an audio server (VLC), and also an e-mail server. Test my custom e-mail address: gascon@email.dot.org.es, that'd make my day. Visit my IRC channel. Leave feedback on the Disqus box down below. Be awesome to each other!

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I have my own IRC daemon, which you can access by clicking on chat up there. You can reach me through an off-line form. You can browse some of my personal photos. You might be able to listen to me broadcast live, if I'm off-line do request my presence before the mic. You can also subscribe so that you will receive a notification when I am about to stream audio.

One of my main interests is magnetic tapes for computer data storage. I began using computers in September, 1986. My first computer was that British marvel, a ZX Spectrum +. Loading games or programs from cassettes was a captivating experience to me.

By 1989 my family bought a Spectrum +3. Despite its floppy drive, I never entirely abandoned cassettes. But only one year later, in 1990, my family bought a PC with a 5 1/4 floppy drive. Since then I've never had the real need to use audio cassettes again to store computer-generated data.

I've wondered on occasions whether it was possible to use a present-day computer ("present-day" is an indexical, pointing perhaps to the range 1990-2013) to record programs or files on tape.

I began using Linux in 2010 or so. Since I've been using Linux I am a different user of computers. At some point the idea of using tapes for recording computer data sprang forth. I knew that tapes were used for home computers in the 80s, and I also knew that they had been used for storage for several years before that. I began to search for web pages on this subject, using search engines. I learned that spools of tape have been used uninterruptedly since the early 50s to record computer data. Spools of magnetic tape--cassettes or cartridges--are used today, especially for massive backing up of data in large companies.

I have no need for cassettes. Having purchased a modern drive to make a backup of, for example, 1 TB of my data, would have had very little resemblance to the experience of loading a small 40 KB game in five minutes, as I would do on the Spectrum. Realizing what my real needs were, and realizing what I did not want, I fine-tuned my goals and became more specific. This interest of mine might be described as a hobby. And what I was after was quite specific: to reproduce the experience of recording computer data on tape, but data of a current computer, and loading that data back to the computer.

I am part of the Cassette Tape Storage Council. I invite readers to visit its web site and consider joining. The URL is http://www.ctsc.dot.org.es.

Be on stand-by for the launching of Project Tape-to-html. One of these days I will use my home server to feed a html page, which will be the first time ever as far as I know.

Thanks for visiting my web site.

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