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Your shiny, new account comes with an email account. alpine is a command-line email application to use it, as is mutt. Good old-fashioned mail works too, although it’s a little cryptic.

alpine is menu driven, and the menus are self-explanatory; it’s surprisingly easy to learn, and surprisingly powerful when you want to customize it.

From the command line (after logged in via SSH), type: pine and [return] Follow instructions and use the menus at the bottom and top. (Note: When you see the ^ in front of the letter it means you need to use CTRL, otherwise just use the letter.)

non-cli options §

alternatively, you can use the webmail or standard imap/smtp.

some clients will automatically detect the right settings (tested with thunderbird).

connection settings:

  • port 993 with ssl
  • port 995 with ssl
  • port 587 with starttls

if you’d like your mail forwarded elsewhere, you can put an email address in a file called ~/.forward

sieve filtering §

our dovecot configuration supports sieve and managesieve.

this means that you should put your scripts in a ~/sieve/ directory, symlink the active script to ~/.dovecot.sieve, and make sure to compile it with sievec ~/.dovecot.sieve.

you can find some example sieve scripts here.

alternately, you can use webmail’s filter settings to configure your filters.